Fishin' Ships

Fishin’ Ships is a Portland, Maine based food truck that serves up inspired takes on fish and chips using only the freshest local fish battered in locally brewed beer. 

We aim to not only purchase and sell the freshest fish we can find, but to use our truck as a venue to connect with our community, buying local food and preparing and serving it with local pride. 


The core of our menu, as reflected by our name, is fish n' chips.  A dish we consider to be classic street food, and also one that pays tribute to Portland’s historic fishing industry.  We believe that, like other street food mainstays such as burgers or pizza, that fish n' chips is but a foundation to be built upon.  We want to break the mold of what can be considered "fish and chips."  Of course we will offer a perfected classic: flaky fried haddock with wedge cut chips, lemon and homemade tartar sauce.  

But we're also getting a little unconventional.  Our menu will introduce you to things like chipotle, lime-battered cod, fried in an Allagash White beer batter and paired with maple coated sweet potato fries.  Or a bacon, scallion monkfish fried in Geary's HSA batter and served with mashed potato fritters. 

In addition to these inspired fish n' chip combos, we will offer a rotating menu of lighter fare options that will include fish tacos, haddock sliders, cod cakes and/or a single serving of any of our “chips.”

Of course you can't have chips without the dip.  Our list of house made sauces include: Tartar, Chimichurri, Garlic Aioli, Spicy Curry, Sriracha mayo and many more to come.

All of our fish will come from local waters. We will also be building profiles of the fishermen who catch it for us so that on any given day we can tell you who caught what, and where.

We sincerely believe that GOOD food can make your day better and it is with this attitude that we serve you our fish.

Fishin' Ships | Portland, Maine