Bethany grew up here in Maine, actually just down the road in Westbrook. Her parents ran a restaurant supply company when she was a kid and often traded a case of glasses or some other smallwares for dinner with customers - so she grew up eating at iconic local spots that shaped the scene here in Portland. She left for college, planning on having nothing to do with the restaurant business, and spent 4 years in Ohio studying genetics and molecular Biology. During a semester spent in Philadelphia her love of food and fine dining was rekindled, but it took a few more years to find her way into the kitchen.

After college Bethany lived in Boston for 5 years where she managed a neuroscience research lab and a large mouse colony. Just before applying to graduate school she decided to jump ship and make a big change which led her to Buenos Aires, Argentina. After a 5 month backpacking stint she found herself "fun"employed, exploring the coastal Rhode Island farmer's markets, and mostly just messing around in the kitchen. By this point she knew that cooking was something she loved, so she took a chance and went back to Buenos Aires where Bethany enrolled in a 10-month intensive culinary program.  Sometimes French cooking school in Spanish was a real challenge, but it made for some good laughs and a great experience.

Since returning from Buenos Aires Bethany has been working to find her way in the bustling, ever-changing food scene that is happening here in Portland, and throughout Maine.  She has managed a small Italian restaurant, worked Garde Manger at a top-notch french bistro, manned the grill at a beach-side summer joint, taught cooking classes, been a prep/line/pastry chef at an amazing little pub, and learned to cook on a wood stove on a classic windjammer in Rockland! It's been a wild ride, but Bethany is thrilled to take on her own project and grow from the amazing business that Arvid and Sam built with the Fishin' Ships truck.

In November 2018 the Fishin' Ships family grew with the addition of De 'Nada Empanadas, a pop-up catering setup that has been working the tasting room circuit in winter 2019.  To find out more, visit our website here!



We are incredibly lucky to call Portland, Maine, our home and take full advantage of the bounty provided here in the Gulf of Maine.  Our fish is all purchased from local suppliers who visit the Portland Fish Exchange to select the freshest catch from our waters.  Visits to the bustling harborside wharves are a regular part of our week on the truck.  Our staff is often treated to a seal sighting, a bluefin tuna being hauled in, or a glimpse into our booming aquaculture industry while we wait on the wharf for the fish to be filleted. 

You'll never get frozen, pre-breaded or imported fish at Fishin' Ships  -

Our fish is hand cut & fresh fried every time.

In addition to insisting upon freshness, Fishin' Ships is committed to supporting sustainable fishing practices in the Gulf of Maine.  Fortunately, there are a variety of white fish species that are abundant and recognized as sustainable fisheries by the Gulf of Maine Research Institute.  We are thrilled to serve lesser-known and underutilized species, such as pollock and hake, to our guests from here and away.   Feel free to ask us what we're serving when you visit the truck!


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